WiFi-Extender for multiple devices

Nowadays many people want to go online with more than one device. Usually this is not a big problem at home, as most DSL-Modems/-Routers have a wireless network, which allows you to connect your smartphones/tablets with a WiFi. If you want to be mobile, but the distance to the "Internet" (Public hotspots or WiFi in hotels, a port or on a campsite) is getting bigger, you usually begin to have problems. Mobile devices often only have a limited wireless coverage. Simultaneously, usually it is not possible to upgrade mobile devices.

The solution is a WiFi-Extender-System. The system consists of a long-range WiFi-Adapter which connects to the remote hotspot. This Adapter is connected via USB or Ethernet with another router, which provides internet access for all your equipment. You only need to connect your devices with the WiFi, just as you do it at home.

ALFA Network AIP-W525HU + Tube 2H + 9dBi Antenne - pre-configured/with Manual (DE)

This WiFi Extender package includes following ALFA products: AIP-W525HU. Tube 2H and a 9dBi Omni Antenna. It is the perfect solution to go online on trips with all your devices, even if the next hotspot is far away. The devices come pre-configured in this set and with a user-manual (DE)

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Manufacturer: ALFA Network

149,99 € incl tax

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