WiFi USB Adapter

USB-WiFi-Adapters offer an easy way to upgrade a PC/Laptop. If your device does not have a built-in wireless card, you only need to connect the WiFi-Adapter via USB to your device, install the necessary software and you can connect wireless to the Internet.

The USB-WiFi-Adapters we offer are characterized by their excellent transmission and reception performance.
Furthermore, all adapters are equipped with an external antenna connector. This provides more flexibility as you can easily upgrade the adapter through an external indoor or outdoor antenna.

Although your device already has WiFi, it may make sense to upgrade your device through a WiFi-Adapter:
Especially a lot of laptops have only relatively weak wireless cards pre-installed. If your WiFi-Router is on another floor or if you want to go online in your garden, these devices often reach their limits. The result is either no internet access, or a slow internet connection.
The WiFi-Standard may also be a crucial factor to upgrade it. Older devices, operating according to the Wi-Fi 802.11b/g, achieve data rates up to 54Mbit/s. Newer devices in 802.11n (150-300MBit/s) or 802.11ac (867Mbit/s) standard, are at least 3 times faster.

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