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A common misconception is that an antenna amplifies the signal. This is not correct, an antenna concentrates the signal rather in a certain direction. How strong an antenna concentrates the signals is expressed by the gain of the antenna. This is always stated in terms of a reference antenna which radiates in all directions equally (isotope radiator). With this "focusing" a antenna with greater gain can amplify signals in its main direction and thus achieve even greater ranges. More power in one direction imply a weakening in the other, since the power delivered by the antenna in the whole room remains the same. This means for the user: The higher the gain of an antenna, the more accurate the antenna should be aligned with the target. Omni-directional antennas radiate power in a plane perpendicular to the longitudinal axis. In the direction of the axis of the antenna, the gain is weakest. The lower graph shows the comparison of two antennas with different gain. The upper antenna has a greater gain and therefore a more focused radiation.

Comparison of the signal of antennas with different gain
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