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ALFA Network TSM1-Adapter-Kit for Tube-Series to standard marine mount

ALFA TSM1-Adapter-Kit in stainless steel for mounting a device of the tube series from ALFA Network on to a standard 1 "x 14 thread marine antenna mount
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The Adapter Kit TSM1 from ALFA Network has been specially designed to combine Tube series outdoor WLAN Adapter with standardized maritime mounts


First, run the Ethernet or USB cable through the opening provided in the large-component adapter. Then screw this component on the marina mount. Please avoid unnecessary twisting of the cable to avoid any damage. Afterwards run the Ethernet or USB cable through the small adapter piece and plug it into the RJ45/USB port of the Tube device. Then screw the small adapter piece on the ALFA Tube. As final step, plug the small adapter piece on the larger and fix with the screws.

Please take notice:
This offer just includes the TSM1 Adapter-Kit to mount an existing ALFA Network Tube on an existing marina mount or antenna holder. Neither a ALFA Network Tube nor a marine-mount is included in this article.