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ALFA Network AIP-W525HU + Tube 2H + 9dBi Antenne - pre-configured/with Manual (DE)

This WiFi Extender package includes following ALFA products: AIP-W525HU. Tube 2H and a 9dBi Omni Antenna. It is the perfect solution to go online on trips with all your devices, even if the next hotspot is far away. The devices come pre-configured in this set and with a user-manual (DE)
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Consist of

Picture of ALFA Network AIP-W525HU V2.8 - USB/LAN PoE Passthrough WiFi Extender
The AIP-W525HU by ALFA is a 3G, 4G, USB high power 802.11b/g/n WiFi Router with two external high-gain antennas. This WiFi Extender provides a PoE outlet function inde... ...
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Picture of ALFA Network Tube 2H Outdoor WiFi Router
The ALFA Tube 2H is a handy, weatherproof 802.11 b/g/n Router. Thanks to Power over Ethernet, only one cable for power supply and network connection is required. There... ...
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Picture of ALFA Network AOA-2409TF 9dBi Outdoor WLAN Omnidirectional Antenna
This omnidirectional Antenna by ALFA Network offers a gain of 9dBi and has a N-Female-Connector. It is suitable for outdoor usage and has a fibreglass casing.
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WiFi on tour

At the present time, it is normal for more and more people to go online with all their devices. When travelling, you often have the opportunity to use WiFi hotspots in ports, on campsites or on the coast to access the Internet. If the distance to the hotspot gets bigger, connection problems start to occur. Especially mobile devices often have weak wireless adapters installed. Combined with small antennas it is often impossible to reach a distant hotspots.

WLAN Extender

This WiFi Extender Packet provides the solution for connectivity problems of smartphones/tablets to more distant hotspots: It consists of two wireless devices, the Tube-2H outdoor wireless router with excellent transmission and reception characteristics and the AIP-W525HU wireless router. The Tube-2H establishes a connection to the remote hotspot and provides this connection to the AIP-W525HU. You can now connect all your devices to the wireless network of the  AIP-W525HU. In order to give you a good user experience and a quick start, the devices come pre-configured and with a manual (DE).


Easy handling

We preconfigure the AIP-W525HU by ALFA Network and the Tube-2H specifically for an easy use. The control of the devices is done by a simple web interface, therefore you do not need additional software. Simply connect the devices, search for the appropriate wireless network and you are ready to go online with all your devices. This packet includes all the components you need, like a powerful outdoor antenna and a Quick Start Guide.

Suitable accessories

Mounting Solutions

For use on boats we offer different mounting solutions for the Tube series.

DC-Power supply

Do you want to be independent from the AC mains, we offer different options to power the equipment aboard ships or caravans.

Power over Ethernet

With Power over Ethernet (PoE), you can use your device without a cable for the power supply, as the Ethernet cable is used for power supply.